Health and Safety is something we take very seriously especially with new home builds. Baylis Exclusive Homes is dedicated to ensuring a safe work environment through all projects at all times.

To do this we must:

  1. Providing a safe place of work, safe equipment, and proper materials
  2. Establishing and insisting that safe work methods are practiced at all times
  3. Providing regular supervision, induction, and training of employees
  4. Ensuring all staff understand and accept their responsibility to promote and maintain a safe and healthy place of work
  5. 5.Ensuring all contractors who work on site have a suitable and approved Health Safety Program.
  6. Ensuring safe access to the house is maintained at all times if the owners are still living in the house.

On site, you will notice our health & safety in practice in the form of up to date Hazard boards on display, safety fencing, use of scaffolding (where appropriate), use of hi-viz vests, safety ‘Tool-box’ meetings and the presence of Hazardco safety induction cards. We work in partnership with Hazardco to uphold and maintain our health & safety standards.

homestarLive better, Make your house a homestar home
Homestar™ helps you improve the performance of your home making it warmer, healthier and more efficient to live in.

Better to live in, better for the planet and better value in the market. Adam is qualified as a Homestar coach and can help to assess your home for a star rating. This is a complimentary service to our customers and is the best place to start to find out how well your existing home is performing for you and your family, in terms of energy, health, comfort, water, waste and more.
Adam can provide you with expert advice about incorporating good design into your home, which will enable you to save money as well as to protect the health of your family.
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