Are you ready to start building your dream home but worried about your project running over time or budget?

  • Are you stressing out about all the decisions to be made before your new build?
  • Wondering where you should start?
  • Which company you should go ahead with?
  • What council consents will you need?

    So many unanswered questions you say…?

    Just take a minute to breathe!

    At Baylis Exclusive Homes we can answer all your questions and any others you may not have even considered yet!

    We understand that it is a daunting adventure to build from scratch you have to take into consideration a lot of factors. You must be prepared for everything, as this is most likely the biggest financial investment you will make in your lifetime.

    Therefore from start it is crucial for you to select the right  building company, the right architect and the right attitude to take on this enormous challenge. We assure you that we have the necessary experience to deliver on your dream and we only work with the best architect in the industry, John Curtin. When it comes time to draw your vision John will make sure all of your ideas and unique design features will be included and that they not only will look incredible but will function perfectly when your dream home comes to life.

    However should you be ready to go ahead and already have your plans all mapped out with your own architect, we are flexible enough to start work right away. We will contact your architect and discuss your project to cement a great working relationship so we can deliver on you dream home.

    To keep on track with your time frames and budget we use the best project management software from BuilderTrend. This management software breaks down your project into stages and gives you detailed information of where exactly your money is being spent. So you have full transparency with your budget, giving you the added assurance that you won’t have any hidden costs pop up randomly.

    Lastly we also believe that communication is key, hence we call weekly progress meetings onsite with you to discuss your build, go over your budget and discuss the upcoming week. At this stage we will also discuss any up coming variables out of our control, that may push your project back. But don’t stress we will give you enough time to make your decisions as taking time to decide is quite vital in your build process so you can make the right decisions about your dream home.

    Call us today and ask for our info pack that will give you all the information you need to get to know us better and how we work with you on your build. Giving you a more in depth account of exactly how we will keep you in the loop and on track with time frames, budgets and all other important aspects of your build.

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    Baylis Homes - Your Architechtural Experts!

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    Why Choose Baylis Exclusive Home Builders For Your Next Project?

    Architectural build experts passionate about your New build as much as you are.

    As leading architectural build experts of Christchurch, we have the necessary expertise to guide your project through to successful completion. We have experienced all of the most common issues any new build project goes through. At Baylis Exclusive we know exactly what goes into a successful build so rest assured you can rest easy as your build is in perfect hands. Just check out some of our success stories to see what our happy clients had to say about their new builds..

    (Boys on site starting a new Exclusive build!)

    Here’s What Our Happy Clients Have To Say

    “The wealth of knowledge and expertise provided by Adam was great, he gave us great suggestions and ideas that were practical, within our budget and still adhered to our vision for our new build. From having the design of the house have a more modern look to it, to the feature of having tall windows in the lounge that overlook the backyard and allows more sunlight in, everything has been built perfect”.

    John & Amy Williams, Christchurch.

    David Gibss

    (Luxury Oamaru Stone Luckily Supplied)

    The architect that Adam had us work with was exceptional, John Curtin listened to every detail we wanted, so we were really happy with the final result”.


    David Gibbs– Christchurch

    How We Work With You.

    One of the most confusing aspects of building new is what’s actually involved from start to finish. We realise that every project is different and every client has a different set of needs. That’s why we’ve put together these 6 easy steps to building success to ensure a smooth project for you from the very start to the final completion.

    1. Introduction


    We’ll follow up your inquiry to discuss your desires and needs for your new home, if we can give you the right service to complete the project we’ll then schedule a meeting in person.

    2. In Person Meeting


    This is where we’ll go in depth about the vision you have for your home, we’ll define what’s important for yourself and family, budget, time frame, and desires for what you want with your home.

    3. Design & Concept

    Blueprints roled up on drawing table

    We’ll then put you in contact with the right architect who can make your dream a reality as well as anyone else that will be needed for the project such as engineers or surveyors.

    4. Finalize Paperwork


    A quote is then finalised after sign off of all relevant designs and documents. Start and finish dates are also included and give clarity on a timeline to when you can expect to have your home completed.

    5. All Engines Are Go!


    The project will then begin while maintaining constant communication with you, Any alterations you request during the build are priced up and confirmed with you before work has started.

    6. Congratulations!


    You’re stunning new home is completed and you can begin a new exciting chapter of your life. We’ll not only handover the keys but give you a completion gift of a walk through video of your new home all done by a professional photographer.

    What Are The Next Steps From Here with the Baylis Exclusive Home Builders?

    Contact us today to arrange your free consultation today with owner Adam Baylis, and learn how to avoid all the pitfalls that can occur during your new build.

    Here’s what you’ll receive before this session:

    Before the session even begins you’ll receive an info pack from Baylis Exclusive homes with all the information you need to know about Baylis Exclusive giving you a better understanding of why we are the right building experts for you.

    In the session, we’ll cover the following:

    1. What is your vision for your build.
    2. Timeframes. When to start. How long it will take. Any possible holdups and how we can avoid them.
    3. Council. What consents you’ll need. How we can help you get them and how the process will work.
    4. Pricing. What sort of costs you can expect and what type of contract will best suit you and your project.
    5. Project management of your job. Who does what, when, where and why?
    6. Where to start with materials, claddings, fittings and fixtures, paint, interior designs.
    7. Lastly discuss any concerns or questions you might have about your build.

    Please fill in the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.